New York Butcher Shoppe

New York Butcher Shoppe


Honestly, sandwiches aren’t something I normally think about when it comes to places I want to eat out. Until last week I thought the only decent places in town for a deli style sandwich were Diplomat Deli and Max’s Deli. Both are great, but when I think if New York style deli sandwich, I think of the kind packed with so much meat and topics that you would have to unhinge your jaw to bite down. Something so large that you give the second half to the homeless guy in the alley outside. New York Butcher Shoppe was just that kind of place (minus the homeless guy). 

This place is primarily a butcher shop, as the name suggest. That being said, they have a nice looking wine selection and you can purchase pre-made meals like pastas, quiches, etc. They have a good looking dessert selection as well. But, that isn’t why I went to NYB last week. I was in the mood for something different and reading the reviews on had my mouth watering for a big, fat sandwich.

I ordered the Manhattan, which is described as “lean roast beef with creamy American cheese, season with a homemade blend of black pepper kosher salt, crushed red pepper and dill with your choice of toppings.”  My select of toppings were spicy mustard, horseradish sauce, onions and tomatoes.  After I ordered, I watched as the owner fresh sliced the meat specifically for my sandwich. For $11, you get the sandwich, chips and a drink. That seems expensive, but I realized this thing had a pound of meat on it. You would pay $8 to $10 at the grocery store for the meat alone. It isn’t a bad deal at all. 

I wish I could have captured photos of some of the others at the table, but everyone had dug into theirs before I got the chance. The one picture in this post is HALF of the sandwich. Most of us were full after half, but they were so good that all but one person finished theirs anyway, including me.

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